New 2017 list of drugs not covered by insurance

If you thought that your healthcare costs were about to go down, think again. Next year America's largest insurance companies will likely exclude around 150 different drugs from coverage.

With already popular drugs like Viagra being dropped by major insurance plans this year, the trend continues as more prescription drugs will likely lose coverage.

So who's removing these drugs and why is this happening?

CVS Caremark and Express Scripts, the nations biggest prescription insurers, are removing more drugs from their national preferred formularies (list of drugs that they will cover). While you may not have heard of these companies, your healthcare providers certainly have. These prescription insurers handle drug benefits for big insurance companies like Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield to name a few. Any change that they decide to make to their national formularies will affect millions of people across America.

The reason that its happening is because drug companies like Mylan (the one that raised EpiPen prices by 400%) are trying to make as much money as possible while prescription insurers are trying to drive down drug prices. So with drug costs going up because they can, companies like CVS Caremark are threatening to take drugs off of their formularies if the manufacturers wont give them big discounts.

How does this affect you?

With these prescription drugs being dropped from national formularies you have 3 options:

  1. Pay out-of-pocket for these medications with help from
    Although these prescription medications are not covered anymore, has got you covered. We can help offer discounts on your prescription medication that your insurance won't pay for anymore.
  2. Use a generic drug that is covered by your insurance
    Several drugs that are being dropped from national formularies are because there are less expensive options that are just as effective as some name brand drugs. Ask your doctor if there is a generic brand that would work for you that your insurance covers.
  3. Ask your doctor to help write a petition
    Sometimes insurance will cover a drug that they normally wont cover if your doctor writes you a petition. The petition would have to state why you need this particular drug that is normally not covered (maybe you're allergic to other options, this drug is best for you, etc.). Talk to your doctor to see if he/she thinks this would be a potential option for you.

Here's a list of the new drugs that are not being covered for 2017. For an exhaustive list of all the non covered drugs and coupons for them click here.

New Exclusions for 2017